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Couple Massage

IDR1.500.000 / 60 MINS

Couple massage is a type of body massage that is performed together by two people in the same room. Couple massage can help couples feel closer to each other and improve overall physical and mental health.


  • 60 MINS = IDR 1.500.000
  • 90 MINS = IDR 1.900.000

Body to Body Massage

IDRIDR 1.100.000 / 60 MINS

Body to body massage is a type of massage therapy that involves using the therapist’s body to massage. The therapist uses their hands, arms, elbows, and other body parts to apply pressure, and work out tension.


  • 60 MINS = IDR 1,100,000
  • 90 MINS = IDR 1,300,000

Four Hands Massage

IDR1.600.000 / 60 MINS

Four Hands Massage is a type of massage performed by two people but with a harmonious massage rhythm that gives the impression of a massage performed by one person with four hands.


  • 60 MINS = IDR 1,600,000
  • 90 MINS = IDR 2,000,000

Six Hand Massage

IDR2.100.000 / 60 MINS

The six hands massage is a special kind of massage therapy that provides the benefits of three massage sessions in one. It involves three therapists working in a synchronized manner to stimulate the body deeply.


  • 60 MINS = IDR 2,100,000
  • 90 MINS = IDR 2,700,000

Total Body Massage

IDR800.000 / 60 MINS

Full body massage is a body massage that is familiar to dewavers. It turns out that the full body massage treatment has many benefits for the body, and the mind becomes refreshed.


  • 60 MINS = IDR 800,000
  • 90 MINS = IDR 1.000.000